Secrets of Textured Art is a self-directed online course.

There are six step-by-step videos, shown from the artist’s point of view, so you can see how Ginger adds texture and paint to a canvas.

There are also four bonus videos – to inspire creativity with your art.

Ten total videos to take at your pace.

You’ll learn:

  • How to apply the right amount of texture medium (and when to leave the canvas alone)
  • How to layer the paint on your canvas and texture to develop interest
  • When to begin developing the composition for your piece
  • How to create a focal point
  • Finishing it off for displaying


  • Learn the secret items Ginger adds to some of her artwork to give them a unique texture.
  • What to do when you create a canvas that just isn’t working for you. (Here’s a hint: Don’t throw it out, learn to repurpose that canvas for something else!)