In this textured abstract art online class, Ginger Thomas shows you three unique ways to apply her signature texture to a canvas.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to add the right amount of texture to a canvas (and what to do if it’s too much)
  • In-depth painting of each canvas
  • Choosing colors that compliment and create an eye-pleasing composition
  • When to blend your colors together, and when to stop
  • Why you need your paint colors to show up on certain parts of your canvas
  • How to experiment with new colors and products without breaking your budget
  • The top three mistakes I see students make (and how to avoid them)
Frequently asked questions

How long are the videos?

There are more than two hours of instructional videos.

It is a work-at-your-own-pace course.

Will I have lifetime access to this course?


Does Ginger show different textures in this class?

Ginger only demonstrates her signature texture – mastic – on all three canvases. If you’d like to try a different texture, we suggest Texture Masterclass.

What materials will I need for this class?

You’ll receive access to the materials list when you purchase the course.

Ginger does use her Signature Paint series in this class, which can be purchased here.

Is this course available in other languages?

This course is offered in English, and there are subtitles available (these can be turned off if you prefer to watch your videos without them.)

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