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Ginger Thomas Originals

Paintings from Ginger Thomas grace homes and offices worldwide.
Her unique blend of heavy texture and color combinations attracts art collectors around the globe.

Textured Art Retreats

Art Retreats with Ginger Thomas
Learn textured art in a relaxed setting.

Praise for Ginger's artwork and instruction

Undoubtedly one of the best experiences I’ve had lately was having taken Ginger’s painting course where I learned the handling of diverse and very different textures. This opened a range of possibilities within my own painting. I can say that Ginger’s professionalism, added with her texture techniques, is something that will leave anyone looking to increase their skills, completely satisfied. In addition, color management is undoubtedly something fundamental that Ginger teaches in these courses masterfully!

Ginger teaches masterfully! Tzinnia - Mexico City, MEXICO

I attended Ginger’s workshop, it was great, and I think her adding this online course would greatly enhance the learning process! Ginger is an excellent teacher, and the online course would enable people from around the world to learn her methods.

Ginger is an excellent teacher Patti - Charlotte, NC 

I had been waiting and searching to find my artistic voice.  I tried different compositions, took workshops but my artistic voice was not being heard.  I was scrolling through Facebook and was stopped by a painting that whispered to me that was created by Ginger Thomas.  I went to Ginger Thomas’ page, private messaged her and discovered that she had an upcoming workshop.  I signed up right then and there.  Ginger taught me techniques, how to use tools, combine color and blend those colors onto the canvas that had such incredibly rich texture that I had been seeking to create.  Over a short amount of time, I’ve found my artistic, creative voice.  You can see Ginger’s guidance in my work, but it’s my own work that you see. I’m so, so grateful to Ginger for taking that leap and bringing her talent to the “classroom” to help us find our artistic voices.

Ginger helps us find our artistic voices Bonnie - Covington, LA

Wonderful colors & so happy with secure packaging & fast delivery.

Wonderful colors David - Athens, Texas

Museum quality art. She has a great sense of composition and color, and the method used in applying the paint and layering shows her expertise. Bravo!

Museum-Quality Art Devi - Wichita, KS

Ginger’s use of bold colors and lively textures invite you to touch! They evoke either warmth or energy, depending on the paintings and colors used. I admire her zest in exploring new techniques and color schemes.

Warmth & Energy Sylvia - Houston, TX

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